5 Easy Halloween Costumes for Creatives

Halloween arrives, you are caught in time and pasta but you have gotten between eyebrows to dress up. Do not throw a pig mask that among these 8 easy, original Halloween costumes and within reach of the poor designer pocket, you will surely find one that convinces you.

Those of us who are dedicated to the world of design have many night and day terrors, in fact, we already made you a list of 8 Halloween costumes with nightmares for every graphic designer . Just thinking about the creepy registration failure or the terrifying copy shop clerk gives us goose bumps .

Today, we come to bring you other types of costumes that are less scary and easier to make . Get ready to bring out your DIY spirit with these 8 easy creative Halloween costumes .

Halloween costumes for creatives

There is something that these insomniacs are much more afraid of than to find a book written in Comic Sans or one of those clients who ask you to fill in the gaps. What really scares us is thinking about finding you all this Halloween dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn . Damn it, you had thought to dress up as that.

To remedy the creative block in terms of costumes, we bring you eight cultural ideas, fun and that you can also make at home by stealing from the closet of family and friends. If you want to add a touch of horror to Halloween, you just have to make yourself the zombie version of our proposals.

Ready for one of Halloween costumes as creative as low cost?

1. Steve Jobs

It is true that we have not started with the most original of all, but will you not tell us that it is not cool and that it is not easy to do?

Jeans, turtleneck, gaficas, gray shoes and an Iphone in hand. If you have a week’s beard that you prick and you dare to shave your head, nail it.

2. American Gothic by Grant Wood

As a couple’s costume, this one is not wasted . In the studio we are very much about going through life as if we had a hanger in our mouth, so the lack of drama would be too difficult for us, but we encourage you to try it.

You only need an IKEA frame, grandparents’ clothes (or the Primark that the cowboy overalls surely have) and you can hang yourself with a mop stick and anything you find in the whole for a euro .

3. Mia and Vincent from Pulp Fiction

Let’s see, there is no easier costume in the world than this, especially if you want to go as Mia . The Wig Pulp Fiction Vincent and corbatilla, are a little harder to find.

Mia, don’t forget the fake blood coming out of your nose and, if you find your Vincent, mark the iconic dance of the movie but better with shoes, we will not have a displeasure.

4. Son of Man by Rene Magritte

Except that being faithful to the Rene Magritte painting can make it very difficult for you to see , this costume is perfect for not hitting your budget and being comfortable and warm.

The black bowler will surely be found in any costume store, the costume if you do not have it to be lent it and the apple you just have to print it and stick it on a cardboard. Two little holes and a rubber band and you’re ready to go.

5. Elliot and Gertie from ET

It is impossible that we did not take advantage to sneak something of what is one of our most favorite movies of all time . In addition, the costume is super DIY and surely you already have almost everything at home.

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