Sanz I Vila. Illustrator in Blue, Pink and Yellow

There could only be one person capable of making us die of desire to have merchandising from Benidorm, that is Pau Sanz i Vila. An illustrator of those who give courage for how well they do everything.

Murals, photocalls for events, illustrated bathrooms, Fnac bags, live painting, hotel decoration, advertising illustrations, exhibitions, book and magazine covers, product illustration, music posters, master classes, floats for pride, books and notebooks, limited editions of sneakers, window displays, t-shirt design, even stickers for Instagram, Pau Sanz i Vila, what do you have left to do so agonizing? This boy is not yet thirty and his illustrations have already been around more than Willy Fog .

“My symbols and colors are my way of communicating.”

This Valencian is the perfect example that, if you want to illustrate, it doesn’t matter what style you have drawing but define it, work it and be consistent . Do you want to meet this tricolor illustrator?

Pau Sanz i Vila, illustrator

Since he was a child, he already walked around his house in Dénia playing with the Carioca and Marley waxes and, as it could not be otherwise, he studied Fine Arts by pure vocation and ended up making this his way of earning bread.

His first real assignment came to him when he was starting to study the degree. An abstract painting that was the first in which he made his tricolor style and what luck that he remained faithful to it since then! Beefeater, WeTransfer, Greenpeace, Coca-Cola, Mad Cool Fest or Snapchat are some of the brands that have fallen for the exclusive and personal use of the colors of San i Vila.

His books have stolen our hearts . His illustrations for the book Eterno amor adolescent are perfect for Juan Arcones Endériz’s short and nostalgic stories. In A Good Day to Disappear: My unexpected trip with the tricolor ring , he shows off as an illustrator and as an author. The last book of his that has fallen into our hands, Dogs, Cats and other SUPERSTARS , presents us from monkey astronauts to cat actors, the entire celebrity of the animal kingdom

But if we could only keep one work by Pau, it would certainly be with his book Gael’s Boyfriends . This book, which tells the story of Gael’s relationship with Julián and Alejandro, is also the author’s own favorite work .

In the style of Pau Sanz i Vila

Very influenced by pop art , in 2013 he began his love story with the trilogy of colors that would become his business card (blue, pink and yellow). A trilogy that he accompanies with a very black stroke of his.

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