Ji Lee and Her Creative Exercises

Your name may not sound familiar to you but surely you have seen some of Ji Lee’s personal projects. Today we are inspired by the restless head of the creative director of Facebook and Instagram.

Ji Lee is one of those persons with that of “think outside the box” ( think outside of the box ) as a philosophy of life. In fact, we believe that there is no box that can contain a restless and creative mind like yours. Why? Well, because he exercises it.

“A person with an idea, with very little money, can have an impact on the world.”

We are very tired with that creativity is a muscle and that you have to exercise it, but it is so. Ji Lee is going to make you squat for your gray matter with his exercises to be more creative. Ready to sweat the shirt?

Ji Lee, creative by nature

Let’s go to the city that never sleeps to meet this creative portent who, besides being an independent artist, is the creative director of Facebook and Instagram , almost nothing!

He was born in Seoul but grew up running around the streets of Sao Paulo and now we can find him walking around Brooklyn where he studied graphic design .

The movie would win a lot if they really were like this. Ji Lee’s clownify project

When he started working in design and later in advertising, he realized that things were not as he thought . Many jobs did not interest him in the least, others were too corporate, many clients and bosses did not understand his vision or considered his ideas too risky. Does it sound familiar to you? It has happened to all of us. The difference is that Ji Lee sought a solution to her frustration .

Seeing his most creative part truncated, he decided not to accommodate himself . Let’s see, the bills have to be paid, so he continued with his work but began to carry out personal projects and they are amazing . Do you want to see them?

Ji Lee, Speech Bubbles

Although he has spent 25 years dedicating himself to design and advertising, what has truly built his career are his personal projects .

They have appeared in The New York Times, BBC, ABC News, The Guardian, and Wired, among others. All this because one day it occurred to him to do something different, something that would truly fill him.

Tired of not creating and frustrated from being part of boring campaigns that filled his city, he came up with creating comic book sandwich stickers to stick on those campaigns . Every day he would go out and paste hundreds of stickers and then take pictures of them with the messages that people left and share them on a website.

The project went viral , they even interviewed him to talk about it. All this helped him realize that “a person with an idea, with very little money, can have an impact on the world.”

Ji Lee, Words as Image

This was the personal project we met Ji Lee for. Surely in your Pinterest branding folder you have some of his designs for this project .


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