The 4 Best Urban Artists in Mexico

Urban artists in Mexico have made their country a contemporary open-air museum, leaving true works of art in every corner of their beautiful country. Do you want to meet our favorite Mexican street artists?

Is it because of the tequila? For the green chilaquiles? For the tacos al pastor? We do not know but Mexico is different . We know that we see the feather duster, ours with this country is absolute devotion but it is that to walk through its streets is to be in a museum of contemporary art without end and outdoors thanks to the urban artists of Mexico .

After having introduced you to the graphic workshops in Oaxaca , touring the country in search of the best Mexican illustrators and showing you our favorite graphic design studios in Mexico , today we stay on its streets to throw some tacos on their changarritos and bring you to the best urban artists in Mexico .

Urban artists of Mexico well chingones

We are going to fill the blog with color and Mexican folklore with eight street artists that decorate the other shore of the Atlantic puddle . Come on, man!

1. Saner

Edgar Flores’ characters , Saner , are a mystery. Despite always wearing masks, these representatives of Mexican culture do not lack personality. He has become one of the most famous street artists in Mexico and one of our favorites for his scenes full of color and fantasy.

His specialty is graffiti but he is equally good at painting, drawing and graphic design. Saner is an urban artist who combines pop culture and Mexican traditions and walks them throughout Mexico, the United States and Europe.

2. Paola Delfín

After studying graphic design and painting, he found the perfect canvas to create on the streets of his country . But it was not just there. We can enjoy her paintings and murals also here in Spain, Germany, Italy, Poland, the United Kingdom, China, Puerto Rico, Peru, Colombia … An ambassador of Mexican talent!

3. Smithe

Smithe is a muralist-illustrator who goes from canvas to wall, from sculpture to music and from clothing design to drawing without disheveled. He was self-taught and the recognition came without even looking for it. All a group diamond that he himself has polished based on effort and perseverance.

In his drawings we find futuristic beings that unite the human with technology, and Smithe likes to “see us as objects” . Why are you passionate about painting on the street? For the interaction with the people who pass by.

4. JB 

It seems that this muralist is a bit shy because we have not managed to find much about him but we can tell you about his work.

On JB’s walls we are going to see representations of nature and humanity with his special style in which he uses several layers of paint . Its pastel colors we can not like more.

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