Terminator Dark Fate Design Contest Winners

Meet the winners of this design contest who are going to take some good money. See if you can motivate yourself to introduce yourself to the next one

The greatest creative proposals  from artists, designers and illustrators from all over the globe for the design contest for the Terminator Dark Fate movie , do you remember? Dori’s memory! We bring you the winners of the contest.

Those from Skydance Media and Paramount Pictures launched this sweet design contest in two ways in September. First, because the award is not bad, and second, because it revolves around the film in which we are going to see the real Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) together again. Is something else playing for you?

The contest consisted of creating original graphic art inspired by the trailer, the latest images and the protagonists of the film . All an invitation for designers, illustrators and creatives in general. Do you want to see the pieces that the cat took to the water?

Contest winners

The Skydance team of judges has been in charge of selecting these five pieces that have been put into your pocket for $ 2,000 each . In addition, we ended up seeing them on social networks and in the movie’s marketing campaigns. Envy? Well, to have introduced you!

A contest in which almost everything was worth (digital paintings, alternative poster design, illustrations, etc.) as long as the title of the film was included . Come on, we show you now the five winners of this contest:

Do you think you could have done better? It is of little use if you do not show up . Stop reconcome and hitting yourself in the chest for not having presented yourself and be attentive to our section of contests so that you do not miss the next one . Also, the post with our eight tips to win a design contest is going to help you lose your fear.

Cheer up that we want to show off the work of our readers

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