About Purposes, New Year and Other Stories

After the Christmas holidays we are again in January with the routine of the day to day.
I was never very purposeful or objective at the beginning of the year. This before being an entrepreneur of course. Now I think that it is really necessary to have short and medium term objectives, because it helps us to focus.
I see it essential to set some guidelines to know the direction you want your company (or your life) to take.

Why is it important to have defined objectives?

Especially so that all our actions are directed towards a common result .

This will lead you to assemble your own strategy and by visualizing what your goals are, you will go to that point and you will not disperse (well, or so it is meant :))

It is important to set realistic goals , according to our possibilities.
It is not worth saying “I want to go to the gym.” It is better to be more concrete. Say better “I want to go to the gym twice a week.” Perhaps it is a more realistic goal to start with and leads to fewer failures because the expectation is not that high, it is a realistic expectation.

As always it is cool to have all these things written, I leave you a downloadable that you can get by subscribing to the newsletter .

On the goal sheet you can think of your top three goals for this year.

  • You should write down what the current situation is and based on that situation, what is the objective that you set for yourself.
  • Once these objectives are defined, you have to know what steps must be taken to achieve those objectives.
  • It is also important to think about the resources we have to carry them out.

Print your sheet and always have it in sight 😉


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These are my goals for this year in the workplace and personally.

✔ Learn to say NO to what projects

We already know that being autonomous is a bit complicated here in Spain. Also if we add to this the theme of working in a creative sector you can imagine. This year I hardly reached some delivery dates, because I was overworked a few months. It is because of this desire to think

✔ Write more

I am a person who has expressed himself in images forever, I have rarely written about my work or my life and I want to start doing it this year. Also (and together with this) I would like to give a little more vibe to this blog.

✔ Balance more personal and work life

This year I went to work in a coworking. It is one of the best work decisions I have made, since it gives me a schedule, productivity and personal relationships with other entrepreneurs that I did not have.
In fact, I recommend it to everyone who is thinking of being a freelancer.

✔ More books and less networks

I have a fairly large stack of books to read that are piling up and I am anxious not to have time to read them all. So this year I have decided to spend fewer hours in front of the computer and more hours in front of books.

✔ Smaller escapes

You don’t have to spend a lot of euros to travel. You can discover spectacular places next to the house and I enjoy more and more of the mini getaways of one or two days. Getting out of the usual routine helps to see things differently and creativity charges the batteries.

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