Book of the Week: Souzou, a Method to Develop Ideas

If you feel that you have lost your ability to imagine and achieve your personal goals, this book will take you by the hand so that you follow the right path and stop feeling more lost than spiderman in a wasteland.

What they sell us with ‘Souzou, a method to develop ideas’

A book where ideas become projects and projects into reality, (for all curious worth their salt).

For Masaaki Hasegawa it has been a revelation to be able to count on his own experience as through imagination and creation we can build our own future . Souzou has the firm objective of bringing out the best in ourselves through our self-knowledge, and for this he draws on different disciplines ranging from natural sciences to creativity.

In a compact but light format, the Advook publishing company presents us with a book created to cultivate our creativity , which is based on the interaction of three essential components; Mind-Strategy-Action.

Hasegawa assures us that the power of the imagination is the fundamental core of creation and presents an innovative method for the development of ideas , which links imagination for the first time with strategy , and shows it to us with his own personal experiences throughout of their life.

His goal with this book is to extract the best from ourselves, searching for our own mind maps, thus challenging conventional processes that limit our ability to develop ideas and therefore diminish our potential.

“What we can be depends on our imagination. If we want to get our maximum potential, we must change our way of thinking ”.

What we buy with ‘Souzou, a method to develop ideas’

The union between the words imagination and creation is the meaning of the Japanese term «Souzo». This word names a book that is revealing at the same time as interesting. And we, curious creatures where they exist, have found the use of this word brilliant, since we have always thought that together they form the perfect tandem.

Our thanks to this man for choosing this pairing as great as it is right!

The crux of the matter is that we meet a born entrepreneur , who through his life experience tells us step by step the circumstances that have made him make the decisions that make him the person he is today, and that’s where he is. The crux of the matter; the search for your own path through your own experiences and decisions, the search for your own processes without external conditions.

Hasegawa puts several concepts on the table that he later analyzes with his own experiences; mind, strategy, action, updating and identity, are some of the chapters that with pleasure and a simple and affordable narrative, invite us to investigate in this entertaining reading.

Without a doubt, we find both his career and his narrative very interesting , and he leaves us with the same feeling of enthusiasm as a child when he looks to the future and imagines that he can be anything he sets his mind, without thinking about the obstacles he will encounter on your way.

In summary; a book that lets you read from the beginning , that arouses curiosity and that you will have to discover for yourself because the next thing we tell you would already enter spoiler territory …

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