2unique Women of the Graphic Arts, (Vol. 2)

What better time than international women’s day to teach the world that art, illustration, and everything related to it, is going through its best moment thanks to the work of these women, ARTISTS with a capital letter.

They: Women, designers, illustrators, cartoonists , letterers , photographers and, in short, women who are giving off art through each of their pores. And although it is a fact, and we recognize that we have left a lot of talent along the way, to show a button. So be very careful with these 8 «jewels» that will surely dazzle you at best.

1. Isa Muguruza

Graphic designer and illustrator who dares with everything that involves a creative process

His realistic style, but at the same time psychedelic and, with a clearly metaphysical background, is what defines the work of Isa Muguruza. The illustrator, in charge of transporting us to a distant and strange universe with her drawings , explains how her art sends messages of empowerment , femininity and reflection on taboo subjects.

She defines herself as a designer and illustrator, or the other way around. In any case, he is dedicated to the visual arts and likes everything that a creative process has to do with it. Fashion, graphic design, photography, illustration … He has worked countless techniques , but all of them with a common link: the need to transmit a message.

Chameleonic woman where they exist, her pulse does not tremble when it comes to changing media , and she flirts continuously with the border between art and design, not caring much where it is.

2. Coco Dávez

The term that best defines Coco Dávez inside and outside the online and offline world is, of course: colorist.

Illustrator, photographer and influencer . It is the cornerstone of the rabidly vivid style her works convey. Both its name and its attitude evoke elegance and class. The elements that he uses in his compositions, in the case of iconic characters, are essential to make them recognizable, he does not add unnecessary information, and everything is thought to the millimeter. Valeria Palmeiro disembarks in the digital universe and adopts the pseudonym Coco Dávez, in the first social network that appeared in her life: MySpace .

In his book he breaks down iconic characters so that we can recognize them even without drawing the features of his face . Their selection process is easy, if you can recognize them from behind, they are truly icons , they are “people who somehow create their own character . ” Instagram is already an extension of his studio, and a showcase that pampers 24 hours a day.

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