Once Upon a Time: Sole Otero, Stories of a Narrator

Sole Otero is dedicated to telling us stories with images, and with much, much color. This children’s illustrator, textile designer, and cartoonist, does not stop for a second. Do you want to see where so much creativity goes?

Do you remember when we dedicated an entry to Pati Nunez? Well today we are back in “once upon a time” mode, which comes to us not even painted, to tell you the story of a woman of our time: Sole Otero.

As the saying goes, “When the river sounds, water carries” , and we say it because it is very likely that this name will ring a bell, and very high.

We are not surprised at all, especially if what you like are beautiful stories and children’s stories .

The point is that we have started to pull the thread and have gathered the essentials so that you know who Sole Otero is and why we have added her to the trunk of Mr. Sleepless’ discoveries .

A name with a lot of «Solera»

Sole Otero (1985, Buenos Aires, Argentina) is very good at telling stories through her images. She is a children’s illustrator, textile designer and cartoonist, almost nothing! As you can see, her creative profile is very high, which means that she doesn’t stop.

She was trained as a textile designer at the University of Buenos Aires, she has published several books as a children’s illustrator and you can find her in webcomics and paper publications such as; Poncho It was, The fluff of the days, or Intense. Which puts us more than in the background of his firm career.  

Your biggest reference? The cinema, without a doubt

It was in the cinema that he found a special use of the narrative,  through the color changes that occurred in the different sequences, which caused different reactions  in the mood of the viewer,  and that was what most interested him in cinema.

Films such as ” Gran Hotel Budapest” by Wes Anderson, “The Virgin Suicides” by Sofia Coppola or “Apocalypse Now” by Francis F. Coppola, among others, have been fundamental references in the creation of their own color palette.

Color, his greatest passion

This passionate about the psychology of color , its intricacies and meaning, loves to discover what kind of emotions a tonality used in her creations arouses in the viewer, and knows how to play very well with them.

Sole has the firm idea (and we with her) that knowing the symbolism and the way each color range acts narratively, you can use them to convey exactly what you want to tell.

With the lesson well learned and the homework done, (as it should be),  Otero has managed to decipher the symbolism of color and teaches it to us, not only as an aesthetic element, but as another tool to communicate. Amen!

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