A Passionate Illustrator of Pattern Design

“Where the skipper does not command the sailor.” Today we have let the tide take us to Laura Varsky, illustrator and designer of patterns of great recognition in the world, so take a while the anchor that what we bring you is fine thing!

A while ago we illustrated you with 8 instagram accounts for crazy about patterns . You remember? Well keep an eye on the data because we bring you more mandanga than good . Our post today is about patterns, illustration, and an essential designer that when you meet you will want to put a statue in your town.

Where the boss rules …

This Argentine artist and designer , a collaborator at Domestika , tells us about her creative process , her evolution as a designer, and gives us some clues on how to create a pattern design based on an idea that she develops according to a meticulous process. Attentive because it has no waste …

Let’s go to the mess! Laura Vansky defines herself as “an illustrating designer” , who went from graphic design to illustration to find herself, and who today is passionate about the universe of patterns and motifs.

To put you a little in the background, this graphic designer and illustrator graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. He began his wanderings in the independent and underground environment of the rock.

Little by little, he specialized in the design of records and books, and it was during this stage that he discovered a facet of his personality that he had forgotten but was very present within; love of drawing and patterns. Widely recognized artist, she received in 2006 a Latin Grammy  for the art direction of  “Café de los Maestros”.

But what else do we know about Laura Varsky?

Four years after graduating as a designer, she discovered the world of illustration working in the publishing market for different brands and carrying out numerous artistic projects. He taught as a teacher at the University of Buenos Aires for 10 years and has taught various workshops and conferences around Latin America and Spain. All a wonder of woman!

This artist finds the fact of designing filling surfaces with motifs fascinating  and invites us to dive into our own universe to find the formula that allows us to turn our mental movements into patterns made wonders.

Collaborations and works «the sea» of fines

As if all this seemed little to you, Vansky has made several collaborations related to lettering, illustration and the world of Pattern , such as the limited edition of a line of notebooks for Ángel Estrada. The collection is made up of eight different illustrations created by the artist.

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