And What Are All Your Favorite Books?

With all this information about your literary tastes, I had to do something, so I prepared a ranking with the books that were most repeated in your choices. Here you have the results:

  1. The first place is occupied by Gabriel García Márquez with CIEN AÑOS DE SOLEDAD
  2. Second place goes to JK Rowling and the HARRY POTTER saga
  3. Third place goes to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and EL PRINCIPITO
  4. Fourth place goes to Carlos Ruiz Zafón and LA SOMBRA DEL VIENTO
  5. The Fifth for Jane Austen and PRIDE AND PREJUDICE
  6. And the sixth for Michael Ende and THE ENDLESS STORY

As a reader, I am a bit friqui, it is very curious to know this type of thing. And I’m sure you will like it too😉

Also tell you that there were not only novels. Many people had picture books, essays, and comics among their favorites.

And what if you ran out of illustration from your favorite books?

You can get the illustration in the online store . In A4 and A3 size. It will come printed and ready to put a nice frame and put it in your favorite reading corner.

Today I start a new section on the blog in which I want to share with you books that have recently come to my private library and that I really liked.

The books have many readings. It depends on the vital moment that we are living that we will enjoy in one way or another. The reading experience will always be different. In particular, especially with illustrated books, I like to read them several times. Do a first reading and then let him sleep on the shelf, until the second revision, and the third. Every time you discover something new that surprises you.

So there we go with the first post of beautiful books. This time it is 5 spectacular illustrated albums, both for their stories and for their illustrations.

Little and Big Agatha Christie tells us the life of the queen of mystery  through a story that is pleasant to read and beautifully illustrated.
It is a book that belongs to a collection of biographies on great women, which has several titles on the market.

With these Alba Editorial albums we will  discover who the greatest women in contemporary history were and what they achieved. Designers, painters, adventurers, scientists …


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