How We Created a Wonderful Community of Voracious Readers

One of the goals I set for myself this summer was to create a small campaign to encourage the reading of this summer season . The truth is that it was the first time I did something like this and it was a bit of a pilot experience to see what happened.

It was that each person who wanted to join, told me what their THREE FAVORITE BOOKS were and I sent him an illustration like this. This illustration was sent to each of the participants via email. And older, they could participate in a couple of contests to encourage them to share their illustration in networks and also increase feedback. One of the objectives was to create a small library that we could consult when we are looking for books to read. If you look for the hashtag #nopasosinleerte on instagram you will be able to see that library that we were creating among all of us.

In a month that the network campaign lasted,  more than 500 booklovers joined. Readers, librarians, writers, and publishers. People related in some way to the world of books. During this time I was preparing all these illustrations for lovers of the readings.

I can only say THANK YOU for all those great messages, for telling me your anecdotes with your favorite books and for getting everyone to make this campaign go so far.


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