8 Games for Designers in Quarantine

When only two words sound in our head: home and quarantine, we feel like a task for Titans to concentrate. Our trick: disconnect with these 8 games for designers that will leave your brain like new.

Have you left your brain drier than a wet lady from watching news about the coronavirus? ¿ I can not breathe when you think about the days you remain quarantine at home? Well, relax a little and focus.

At Sleepydays we want to contribute our grain of sand with these 8 games for graphic designers, which we hope will make you disconnect even if just for a little while, so take it with philosophy and, to the trouble!

1. do you have lynx view?

Eye test will sharpen your vision,so that the chromatic scale and you are the best friends. In the game, several screens will appearin which you will have to differentiateand check the box that is «different color»(let’s say it, we are not going to get pedantic talking about hue, saturation or brightness …)

It seems easy, doesn’t it ?, but the matter gets more complicated, since as you get right, the boxes are getting smaller and it is more difficult to distinguish the black sheep from the rest of the group.

2. Typographic memory, here I go!

Sometimes, recognizing between various font styles becomes a bit tricky, especially when the differences are minimal, but who said fear? With Font Memory, we invite you to test your typographical skills.

With this game, you will have to match types, but be careful, time counts here, and you will have to be vigilant if you do not want to be slower than the bad horse.

3. I see you pixelated!

Do you think of Chinese when they talk to you about pixels? So that you are never strained with the measurements, we bring you a very instructive game.

With Pixactly, guess the size in pixels of the box that appears in the game, dragging until you consider that you have the width and height that appears on the screen. The closer you get, the better score you will have. Sew and sing, right?

4. Planet in quarantine

This is Hex Invaders , a new version of Space Invader, where you will have to use your knowledge in hexadecimal codes (combination of red, green and blue).

It seems difficult, but be careful, because once you get the hang of it, you’re not going to take off from the game or with hot water.

5. Hands up!

It is not that we do not like serif typefaces, on the contrary, we love them, but in this game they serve as guinea pig to practice our ability differentiating the stick from those that are not.

6. Order in the room

If you are tidier than the Ikea drawers, you cannot miss this game. Attention because there is another one with colors. This is Xrite, a game in which you are asked to order several rows by color tone.

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